How to Leverage Internal Links and Increase Website Authority

Backlinks remain a strong Google ranking factor and continue to be the strongest indication of authority. A website’s link score and anchor text relevance can make or break your ranking. But did you know that internal linking is just as critical in a website’s user experience and search engine optimization? It’s not something widely popular […]

Numbers Don’t Lie, Mobile Search Is on the Rise. Cash in on This!

Mobile searches continue to grow and exceed desktop queries since it was first announced by Google a little over two years ago. This led to Google’s Mobilegeddon in 2015, which was also referred to as mopocalypse, mobilepocalyse, or mobocalypse, and followed by the announcement of mobile-first indexing in 2017. To say that the tech giant […]

The Truth about Responsive Design and Ranking Boost

Responsive web design has long been considered a ranking factor. When it was first introduced, almost 90 percent of website owners converted their site’s design and layout to make them responsive. Its popularity gained even more ground with the explosion of smartphone and tablet use. Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update has also cemented the idea that a […]

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Bring Your Local Brand to Your Target Market’s Attention

Now that people access information via mobile phone, laptop, tablets, and personal computers, it is time to develop your business online and grow a brand that will encourage customers to avail of your products or services. With the rapid change in today’s modern technology, small and medium enterprises thrive better when they keep pace with […]

How to Increase E-commerce Traffic and Sales in Just 5 Steps

For every e-commerce business owner who wants to generate sales for their website, they need to find ways on how to attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers. One of the hardest things for small and medium e-commerce websites is creating strategies to bring in a stream of visitors without spending too much on […]

Reputation Management & Digital Marketing

Why Reputation Management Is Vital to Digital Marketing Digital marketing is not that different from traditional marketing, except that it uses different channels and forms of electronic media to promote products or brands. How certain strategies are used also differ in application, but not in the idea behind them. Take, for instance, online reputation management. […]