For every e-commerce business owner who wants to generate sales for their website, they need to find ways on how to attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers. One of the hardest things for small and medium e-commerce websites is creating strategies to bring in a stream of visitors without spending too much on product advertising.

Getting people to visit your e-commerce website using advertisements can be effective but it may not always turn visitors into customers.

Your job is to create new ideas and actionable strategies to improve traffic and sales to your website. Some of your ideas and strategies work and others don’t, so it is ideal to identify, analyze, and examine the things that you need to do to generate sales and leads. With this in mind, Ryan Deiss gives you 7 helpful e-commerce strategies that can help in improving your website engagement.

1. Post appealing pictures on Instagram.

Instagram is a Social Media platform that has been used by over millions of people worldwide to share photos and videos from their mobile device. Like any other social media platform, Instagram is a great way to build your brand and increase traffic. So how do you improve your e-commerce business and generate traffic and sales? Here are a few tips that can help you get started:

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  • Use quality photos when uploading.
  • Keep your posts consistent and upload them at the exact time every day.
  • Use hashtags (#) to let your target audience find your product or service.
  • Feature something that will encourage visitors to buy your products.
  • Post fun and interesting content that will keep visitors engaged.

If you own a restaurant, one way to drive traffic to your website is by posting about the dishes that you serve or you can show them how to cook basic meals by creating a video. Instagram has a new feature that allows users to post videos about their day; take advantage of this feature to attract more customers.

2. Create a better user experience for your website.

People already have the ability to get the information they need with a single press of a button on their smartphone, tablet, and laptop and they expect to navigate smoothly on your website. Nothing is worse than visiting a website and land on an ERROR 404 page – this will only turn your visitors away and stop them from visiting your website again or checking out the rest of the page. Focus on having an organized website wherein customers can easily navigate through pages.

3. Provide world-class customer service.

It is said that businesses that have an excellent customer service often have repeat business. It is because your customers have already gained their trust on your business mainly because of their customer service experience. You need to think how you can improve the traffic of your website by helping your customers with their queries. It is your responsibility to make a customer happy. If ever there are any complaints, be sure to improve on them before you move ahead.

4. Create giveaways and entries.

Creating giveaways and entries is one of the unique ways to increase traffic and generate sales on your website. This type of tactic will keep visitors engaged and they will most likely join and tag along with others. If you have a toy store, you can have everyone join in the competition by asking them to post about what their favorite toy was when they were little. The person who has the best or most touching post will be the winner, of course!

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5. Update your website.

This is one way to encourage customers to visit your website regularly and avail of your products or services. Feature new products that your business has to offer and take out those that are no longer in store. Also, it is important to update the overall design of your website to attract your customers. Keep your blog or content up to date to create a good impression. This strategy might be simple but it is a good investment that will generate more sales and leads in the future.

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Make sure to implement the strategies listed above to improve the performance of your e-commerce website. Since the virtual marketplace rarely stays the same for a long time, be sure to stay updated on the trends of online retail. You should be able to get some of the latest news here at the Ryan Deiss blog so be sure to check out our other articles.

3 things are certain though, increased usability, visibility, and conversion result in success in the e-commerce business.

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